Gently used Vivitar 24mm F2.8 TX Mount Manual Lens with Canon FD Adapter.

For those who don't know, this lens is unique in that it doesn't have an adapter that is pre-installed into it, it comes with a removable adapter. The adapter that was previously sold to me was a Canon FD mount, so that's the one it comes with.

Included is the original front element cap, lens, and adapter.

This lens has been used by me only a handful of times, as I have found it does not suit my needs. The glass is in pristine condition, no haze, dust, scratches, fungus, it's 100% clean. The adapter fits snugly on the lens and nothing is shaking or loose. There is very minor wear on the outside of this lens, but that is to be expected for a 20+ year-old lens. The focus ring on this is absolutely amazing, it is butter smooth with no grit whatsoever.

The aperture ring is very snappy, and so are the aperture blades which are oil free. Interesting about this lens is that the aperture ring goes both ways, not quite sure what the purpose is, but it works.

This lens has a 58mm filter thread.

*PLEASE NOTE* This lens does NOT come with a back cap. I was not sold one when I purchased it and I have used my other FD lens' back cap when it is on my camera. I apologize in advance if this is an inconvenience.

Nonetheless, this lens is in stellar condition. Thank you for viewing!